Friday, December 2, 2011

Binding Tutorial

The first time I put binding on a quilt it looked horrible in my opinion. I was so intimidated and not really sure of what I was doing at all. I think I got it now, finally. In the process of making binding today, I took some pictures to explain the process and also to have "notes" for myself. This blog isn't just to meet new quilters but to also keep a journal that I can enjoy and reference in the future. This is how I make my binding.

You can also check out wonderful tutorials I linked to my blog under My Favorite Tutorials on the lower right side of my blog.

Now...lets get down to binding...

 Measure all sides of your quilt. Add 12.

Lets use this picture as an example:
45+45+60+60+12=222 inches

Divide 222 by 40 (222/40) = 5.55   Round 5.55 to 6 (this is the number of strips you need to cut)

(The reason we're dividing it by 40 is because it's assuming you're using a yard cut of fabric that measures 42 to 44 inches in width, with an extra few inches to spare)

 I like cutting my strips 2.25 inches. For this example I will be cutting (6) 2.25in x 40 strips.

Side note:
 1.You don't necessarily need to have a entire yard to make binding strips. If you're binding a smaller quilt, lets say measuring 36 x 45. You would only need about 5 strips and a piece of fabric measuring 12x42 inches,would be just enough.
2. If you are making a multi colored binding or using a different size cut of fabric. just make sure after the strips sets are sewed together they reach your total amount. Example: 222inches

Now place 2 strips right sides together at a 90 degree angle.

I fold the top right corner of the top strip to make a 45 degree angle and crease.

I like to mark the crease and pin.

Sew along the line and trim to 1/4 inches and press open seams (to avoid bulk).

You should have a nice diagonal seam, when you turn the strips to the right side. Continue to sew all of the strips together following the steps above.

Next folds the strips in half (wrong sides together) and iron.

All done!! Now lets get it on the quilt.

While using your walking foot, stitch 1/4 inch from the edge of your quilt.  Do not start sewing the binding on at a corner. Star in the middle of one of the longer sides of your quilt leaving about a 6" tail of binding.

When you reach  1/4"  of an inch from the bottom of your quilt, stop. Pivot needle and sew a 90 degree angle (see picture below)

Then fold binding  up at a 45 degree angle, fold it down over the angle and from 1/4" from the top continue sewing 1/4" from the edge of the quilt (see pictures below).

Continue these steps with all 4 corners.

Your corners should look like this. :)

When you're done it should look something like this.

Overlap your binding tails. Important step: Have your tails over lap the width of your binding strip (2.25) plus (+) .25 in. = 2.50" (2 1/2") in.

Open up the binding and place strips right sides together (this can be a little difficult). Looking at the picture below you can see I pinned it in place leaving about 1/8" at both ends of the strips.

I drew a diagonal line and stitched along the line, trimed to 1/4" and pressed open.  

And magically it's the correct length! Just continue stitching the binding down.


I then iron the binding flat, fold the binding over and iron again. I feel it helps keep the binding flat. Pin and hand stich the binding to the back of the quilt.

All done! Yay!

Here's mine...all pined and ready to be hand sewn to the back. Hand sewing it can take some time, but i like the clean look it gives.

I hope this tutorial was clear and understandable. This is my first tutorial that i've posted and i hope it can help someone out there. 

Happy quilting...and binding! :)


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