Sunday, May 6, 2012

My "new" sewing table

Hi everyone!

I wanted to share and post some pictures of my sewing table that Mr. Sew Snuggly made for me.  This project took about a week to complete and he was eager to use power tools. I wanted a sewing table with my machine dropped and I already had a table, so hubby and I looked online and found images and tried to make our own. So, he cut a hole in the table, made a box, and had a custom glass top made. It came out pretty well. It took about five evenings and whammm...I'm a happy Mrs. Sew Snuggly :)

Here are some pictures:
Cut out a square bigger that the machine

Made a box (Front open)

Attached the box to the table 

 Made a template for the glass

Added a ledge for the glass. (the brown squares are removable  stickers)

Stained the ledge and put a thin layer of felt in the box 

All done!

I've read that a flat surface is good for FMQ. I hope it helps.

Happy Quilting,


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