Thursday, January 19, 2012

Scrapping my scraps

I thought this quilt would do some damage on my scraps...nope. I'm in the process of machine quilting (in the ditch) the arcs on this quilt.
So, I decided to do a couple more scrap quilts to "scrap" my scraps. I really want to buy more fabric so, I'm trying to get rid of some scraps. I need more fabric! :)

I started a New York Beauty quilt, which i'm paper piecing. Paper Piecing hasn't been my favorite technique in the past, however, I'm loving it now. I use to just cut chunks of fabric, always had to remove stitches, and thought it was so time consuming. I'm surprised it has actually been fun creating this quilt. I measured each section and cut strips of fabric to a particular size to cover each section and it made the process much quicker. I also took my time to position the pieces just right so I wouldn't have to pick out so many stitches.

Here are some pictures of my progress.

Curves make me nervous as you can see I pin, pin, then pin some more.

Thanks for all the wonderful comments on the previous posts!! I love comments.

Till next time,


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