Sunday, May 6, 2012

My "new" sewing table

Hi everyone!

I wanted to share and post some pictures of my sewing table that Mr. Sew Snuggly made for me.  This project took about a week to complete and he was eager to use power tools. I wanted a sewing table with my machine dropped and I already had a table, so hubby and I looked online and found images and tried to make our own. So, he cut a hole in the table, made a box, and had a custom glass top made. It came out pretty well. It took about five evenings and whammm...I'm a happy Mrs. Sew Snuggly :)

Here are some pictures:
Cut out a square bigger that the machine

Made a box (Front open)

Attached the box to the table 

 Made a template for the glass

Added a ledge for the glass. (the brown squares are removable  stickers)

Stained the ledge and put a thin layer of felt in the box 

All done!

I've read that a flat surface is good for FMQ. I hope it helps.

Happy Quilting,


  1. My husband did one for me and I really like the lowered machine. Enjoy. Chris

  2. Hi Dara, That is totally cool. Your husband did an excellent job. The glass insert is really nice. Enjoy, no doubt it will make quilting more comfortable.

  3. My hubby converted our old kitchen table for me and I love it! It made FMQ so much easier and also piecing and putting those big quilt tops together is so much nicer with a flat surface.

    You are going to love it!

  4. I am thinking i need one, and was talking about it last week. I need a table first tho cause what i use now is just an old desk. I am on the lookout tho and this will sure help when i find one :P Thanks for sharing!!

  5. OK I cannot figure it out FMQ, machine quilting i get but what does the F mean?? Future?? Fantastic??

  6. Free Motion Quilting. I went to you monthly post and wow is all i can say, you machine quilt beautifully. I am joining that blog to watch for more. I took a refresher course last week and did my name!! A long way to go to get to your expertise. Guess that is why they call it practice!!


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